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  In July 2016, while we established Okinawa Urban Development Project Corporation as a planning and design company related to remote island development policy within Okinawa Prefecture, Afterwards, from September 2017, we have been supported by new shareholders, partner companies, cooperating firms, and etc., were able to reorganize to the current system based on new business strategy and contents, thereafter have been making rapid challenges on various initiatives. Through this new project, we will continue to work as an Urban Development & Construction Company business focusing on overseas construction, as a comprehensive Construction Company upon US military bases、as a Construction Company capable of handling intermediary for Bond Insurance.


  In the past, various Japanese companies could not get orders in the US military base construction works due to lack of ability to secure Bond Insurance framework within Okinawa Prefecture, where the burden rate of US military base is high. We would like to support as many firms as possible in acquiring the required skills and self-confidence to be able to participate not only in many Okinawa, and domestic Japan construction works but also in overseas construction works.


  We have tried to create an environment to help construction works companies by providing necessary support such as bilingual correspondence, and improving various bidding skills to get orders. We also welcome firms to be our partners and aim to expand business together. In addition, for individual construction related proprietors who want to expand their business scale and such business owners which possess highly original skills, developed new materials, hold various patents, and so on, we would like to grow together our business environments and establish a business platform, where we can support each of their distinctively respective business opportunities to be successful. We believe that our consortium model, a new ideal to grow jointly with many of our partner companies, will benefit all of us. We hope that many construction work companies will enjoy the merits from US military base related businesses.


  Principally, focusing on US military construction projects in Okinawa prefecture, we will start to co-work with many construction-related companies from both Okinawa prefecture and other regions of Japan. We will build up a business environment that can coexist and prosper together with all the stakeholders by enhancing social existence value of our firm.


  As to be a company loved by many people, we will make best efforts every day.

  Humbly, we would like to ask for your special patronage,

  Thank you very much.


佐藤 聰美

President & CEO


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